VR Hub Tokyo Events

Come join us for an event to be part of our enthusiastic community.

Past Events

VR Hub Tokyo 1st Meetup

March 1st 2017
at Impact HUB Tokyo

Our inaugural VR Hub Tokyo meetup. Come join us for a few talks and a discussion of VR / AR and MR over a couple of beers.

Discover New Opportunities

July 5th 2017
at Impact HUB Tokyo

Join us for our second event where we'll see one of Tokyo's newest VR startups talk about their work; and also get some advice from a VC veteran on how to get your own startup off the ground. After that, we'll have an opportunity to get hands on with some VR experiences.

Design, Develop, Deploy with Unity or simply Unity勉強会

September 7th 2017
at Impact HUB Tokyo

Learning development or new technology alone may get challenging very soon. This time, we would like to consolidate the power of VR developers and designers by enabling community learning and exchange for every skill level in Unity.

VR Hub Tokyo Year-End Meetup Vol.4 | Health & Fitness with VR and AR

December 1st 2017
at Impact HUB Tokyo

VR Hub Tokyo Summer Meetup Vol.5 | VR / AR / MR

July 25th 2018
at Impact HUB Tokyo

On July 25th, after a long break, we're back! VR Hub Tokyo #5 is here for an evening of talks, networking and an opportunity to get hands on with some VR/AR. And, as always, we'll also providing beer and pizza to enjoy whilst you chat.

VR Hub Tokyo Vol. #6 | VR / AR / MR

October 10th 2018
at Impact HUB Tokyo

We're back for our fall event with more great talks and now with more time networking and getting hands on with demos!

XR Nights #7 - Looking to the future of VR

February 27th 2019
at Impact HUB Tokyo

We're kicking off our first 2019 event with a look at the future of VR. Get up to date on the state of VR; hear how emerging technologies are set to change this; and get a special look in to how brain-computer interfaces for VR is already on our doorsteps.