VR Hub Tokyo

Our Manifesto

The VR Hub Tokyo meet-up was created to help bring together an international community of VR (and AR) enthusiasts, creators and entrepreneurs so that together we can create foundation to craft powerful experiences for these new emergent realities. The industry is still fledgling and we believe that strong communities will be key to their success and potential impact on the world.

We want to create a diverse platform for people to share ideas, seek help and find new collaborations. We want to be enable you all to educate, inform each other and work together to pioneer and solve problems that will have a positive impact on the industry worldwide. 

It should be no surprise that Tokyo has some amazing and talented people from all over the world. We want to bridge the gap between the international community and the Japanese VR scene to create something truly diverse and powerful for everybody. 

The most important ingredient for all this to happen is people like you! No matter your background, we want to hear your thoughts on VR / AR and how you want to be involved. Join our community as we grow; provide us your thoughts and feedback on how we can improve; and reach out to us if our community can be of help to you.